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We support our clients during that crucial transition from design into manufacture.
Product Development
Product Development
We have repeatedly seen clients make the mistake of delaying the Design for Manufacturability phase and end up slowing down later in the process. We have developed an intense engineer development program based upon the principles of Quality by Design with a focus on design for manufacturability and design for assembly.
Precision Moldmaking
Precision Moldmaking
Clients have transferred overly large molds to us that consumed excess raw materials and generated unnecessary waste. We believe in designing and constructing lean molds that support a robust and efficient injection molding process.
Scientific Molding
Scientific Molding
Conventional molding creates only a single process that runs the risk of producing nonconformities at the slightest variation to the process. We have developed a robust injection molding process based on the principles of Scientific Molding in addition to Scientific Processing with a full Design of Experiments.
Injection Molding
Injection Molding
Rather than try to inspect quality into the part, we develop a robust process window and inspect the process to produce quality parts.
Contract Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing
Some of our clients have come to us, frustrated by their experiences with secretive contract manufacturers. We believe we can best Advance American Manufacturing through the open sharing of our knowledge and skills.
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We like to say we are in the business of learning and educating; we just happen to manufacture products.

Design for Assembly

Liquid Seal
The luer lock enlarged the part to an unacceptable width.
Solution and Results
The design for manufacturing process adjusted the design reduce width and maintain a liquid seal.
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Top 3 Mistakes in Engineering Drawings: How GD&T Will Clarify Your Design

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Poorly defined drawings confuse your audience and threaten the long-term quality of your program.
GD&T clearly translates functional requirements into design intent and gives you peace of mind by bringing consistency and specificity to your drawings.

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